The Horse Setup

Our House Bedrooms  Sauna  Kitchen  Sitting Room  Library  Music Room  Entrance Hall  Central Room  Outside  Horse Stuff  Conservatory

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There are 4 very large (14'x14') stables in an American barn style with a grooming area of 28'x14'. There is piped water and electricity and direct access to both the outdoor ménage and the grazing.

We have  built several cross country fences into the fence of the file and have also incorporated a multi level jumping bank including steps and drop offs. there is also a water complex which allows walk through as well as drop into the water. The field contains a stream which we have never seen dry up, so good running water and a great ditch to jump :)


The Ménage is approx 23m by 35m. Extra wide which is great for young horse and also teaching horses NOT TO lean on the school fence. It is sand and rubber and drains really well, and since we changed the surface in winter we have not had a day when it was not useable.



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