Outside is stunning!!

There are 4 main areas. ( which take minimal work!!!)

1 area is the pond and orchard area. THis is where the 2 summer houses are located. The pond is in the shape of an L and is a wildlife pond with waterfall and stone shower. The wooden bridge, Bingo's Bridge is the spot our old dog like to lay in the sun.

There are fruit trees here, and we regularly get crops of apples and plumbs and this year we have our first pears.

Our House Bedrooms  Sauna  Kitchen  Sitting Room  Library  Music Room  Entrance Hall  Central Room  Outside  Horse Stuff  Conservatory

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The 2nd area is the patio and large top lawn. This is another great party place, especially with the tree house


The 3rd area is the house lawn


We also have ample parking on hardcore standing at the front as well as the rear of the stables